One thought on “An Important Lesson

  1. Thank you for assuaging my anxiety about gas prices. I usually don’t enjoy graphs, but this one really ‘fuels’ my thirst for them. Ignore that comment. Now to business–my phone and all my numbers got fried when I was caught in a downpour, so this was the only way I could find you. Please contact me when you read this, both by e-mail and by phone. I have finished my presidential portrait of Optimus Prime in a recliner, and I need help disseminating it before the movie comes out. A friend of mine says that some nerd millionaires would treat this image like a Hustler centerfold, so timing seems to be with me. And since Optimus Prime is probably Christlike in some way, we’re staving off the furnace(do you buy that?). I need your e-mail so you can send it to your list of contacts, which I imagine is considerable. Thanks in advance, and come into the bar soon.


    Nick Hermes,

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