Oklahoma Legislative Update

Oklahoma Capital Building Topaz

Photo By: George Thomas

With the end of the legislative session, we now can report on the final disposition of the four major cycling bills that were being considered this year:

  • SB443: Requires bicycle safety questions on the driver’s license exam.
    Passed and signed by the governor.
  • HB2049: Designates Route 66 as the Historic Route 66 Bike Trail.  Originally, the bill only partly covered Route 66, but in the end it was expanded to cover the entire length.
    Passed and signed by the governor.
  • SB487: Would have allowed for  an optional $5 donation during driver’s license renewals to go for bicycle safety education.
    Died waiting for final vote after reconciliation.
  • SB951: Probably the most important bill in this year’s session would have clarified the 3-foot rule and would have increased penalties for people throwing objects at cyclists.
    Died in Senate Subcommittee.

3 thoughts on “Oklahoma Legislative Update

  1. The 3 Foot Rule is crap. Should be a next-lane rule like it is in Oregon (or in any state when passing other vehicles).

  2. No relation to Paul, but I would agree. Bikes are supposed to act like vehicles on the road, and therefore should be treated like a vehicle on the road. Simplify.

  3. In spirit I agree with both of you. However, Oklahoma and most other states have rules stating that bicycles must generally share the lane with automobiles, not necessarily own the lane. Up till now the rule has been that a car must pass at a reasonable distance which is up to all sorts of people’s subjective judgement when accidents occur. At least with the three-foot rule there is an objective rule and on a quiet street that’s plenty of room. Now that we here in OKC can legally take full control of the lane when we need too, I feel this is an adequate if not perfect rule for the road . . .

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