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So far in my little experiment, I’ve really only been bicycling between home and work, which isn’t really a big change for me except that it’s my only option now.  However, because I’m now completely reliant on the bicycle to get me around, I have been attempting to make myself absolutely prepared for as many problems as possible.  I’m glad I did, since yesterday I had a nasty multiple puncture flat which thanks to equipment and planning was easily handled.  In light of this and because for some reason I’m personally always fascinated by “what’s in my bag” posts, here are my commuting bag contents:


From left to right:

  • Kryptonite U-Lock and Cable
  • Cateye  Strada Cadence Cycling Computer
  • Sunglasses
  • Niterider MiNewt 600 Cordless Headlight
  • PlanetBike Superflash Taillight
  • Tool bag
  • Topeak Road Morph Pump
  • Two spare tubes
  • Park Tool Multi-Tool
  • Tire Levers
  • IPad (excellent light weight replacement to hauling around a laptop)
  • Rocket Shower and washcloth
  • Deodorant
  • Lunch and Dinner carried in a ice cooled lunch bag.
  • Work clothing
  • All of this goes is my excellent and highly recommended Arkel Commuter pannier.

10 thoughts on “Car Free OKC: Commuting Bag

  1. LOL, I’m actually going to write a long post about it. It is a shower replacement for those of us without a shower at work. It’s made of Hitch hazel, peppermint oil, grapefruit peel oil, Vitamin E and alcohol. Works really well actually.

  2. Thanks for posting this. I’m taking notes on what I may need to add to my own bag. I’m also curious about your Rocket Shower. Up to this point, I’ve been using baby wipes to clean up when changing into work clothes.

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