Church Pastor and Staff Member Injured in Crash

Gary Caldwell, senior pastor for the First Baptist Church of Piedmont and church staff member, Eric Johnson, were struck from behind by a Ford F-150 pickup while cycling near 150th Street and Piedmont Road today around 12:45 PM.  As of this afternoon, Mr. Caldwell is listed as being in serious condition and Mr. Johnson was listed as being in good condition.

Police are investigating the case but the driver was not ticked at the scene.  Police say they will turn over their investigation results to the District Attorney for review.

Below is a video report for Piedmont Today:

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4 thoughts on “Church Pastor and Staff Member Injured in Crash

  1. Why was the driver not ticketed at the scene? He or she has a positive duty to maintain a three foot separation. The law provides for a ticket, and a ticket should have been issued.

    • According to what I have read, the investigation is ongoing and will be turned over to the District Attorney to decide what charges (which could include tickets) will be filed. This is similar to the Debra Miller case ( where charges relating to accident were filed much later. But I agree there should be some movement on the obvious charges.

  2. He use to be my preacher, he is in pretty bad shape. He lost one of his ears, his neck is broke, broke pelvis and they think broke foot, he had a stroke while he was under the truck that hit him! he also has a tore or ruptured aretery . He is in ICU still!!!

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