Cafe Evoke Showing Tour de France Daily

I have had a few people ask me if there was a place to watch the Tour de France here in town for those of us without cable or a desire to fork over money to watch on our computers.  Well Cafe Evoke (103 S. Broadway Ave., Edmond, OK 73034) is showing the Tour live every race day.  Additionally, they are offering a $5.00 bottomless cup of drip coffee so you can watch the whole thing without emptying the pocket-book.  They will open up in time for the start of each stage.  You can view full details at:

Metro Cyclists Participate in Awareness Ride

I had really hoped to make it to last night’s Piedmont Cyclist Awareness Ride but the constraints of work just didn’t make it possible.  Thankfully, dozens of other cyclists showed up to raise awareness of cyclists on our roads and to pay tribute to Gary Caldwell and Eric Johnson who were injured on this same road last week.  The Piedmont-Surrey Gazette, which has followed the story closely, put together this video piece on the event:

Edmond Holds Bicycle Master Plan Open House

Sorry for the short notice, but I missed this one somehow.  However, tonight (March 8th) , the City of Edmond will kick off its bicycle master plan development process with an open house:

City of Edmond invites you to participate in the Bicycle Master Plan Open House from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., Thursday, March 8 in the Downtown Community Center. The Bicycle Master Plan will identify a network of connected bicycle facilities that will serve all areas of the city. It will also communicate and prioritize recommended infrastructure improvements, provide implementation strategies and recommend policies and facility design practices that enhance the comfort and safety of bicyclists.

City Staff and the City’s consultant, Kimley-Horn & Associates Inc., will be in attendance to hear ideas for making Edmond a ‘bicycle friendly’ community. Participants of this initial open house will have the opportunity to actively:

  • Review and comment on Plan goals and objectives
  • Provide ideas for future bike routes and other improvements
  • Identify barriers to bicycling

At 7 p.m., there will be a special presentation that will provide an overview of the planning process so that participants can understand the project schedule, and additional opportunities for providing input that will direct the development of the Plan.Residents are asked to provide their input for the development of the plan.

via Edmond, OK – Official Website.

It is important that cyclists who are Edmond residents to attend this event.  It is critical that the city gets good input from the people who will utilize this new infrastructure.

If you can’t make the presentation, please visit before March 16th and fill out a survey on the master plan.

Piedmont Crash Update

Pastor Gary Caldwell

Staff Photo of Pastor Gary Caldwell

I’ve received numerous questions and have a small amount of new information regarding the crash on Monday that involved Pastor Gary Caldwell of the First Baptist Church of Piedmont and church staff member, Eric Johnson.

Pastor Still in Serious Condition

From comments, emails and news stories, it seems that Mr. Caldwell suffered several broken bones and lacerations including a broken vertebrae, ankle and pelvis and loss of his right ear. Additionally, he experienced a torn/ruptured artery and some bleeding on the brain that has lead to several “minor strokes” which in turn have lead to short and long term memory loss.  From official reports, he is still listed as being in serious condition.

However, according to the Piedmont-Surrey Gazette, who have covered this story closely, he has shown some marked improvement:

“We consider the last 24 hours to be miraculous,” McCown [Associate Pastor] said. “From being a very grave situation and thinking he might not survive the accident, to hours later him being able to open his eyes and communicate with the family. That’s a miracle.”

Several first responders said Caldwell’s condition was grim and one rescue worker said he was not sure he would make it on the ride to the hospital. However, Caldwell’s condition was upgraded from critical to serious, and while doctors are still closely monitoring his health, Caldwell’s progression in the first 24 hours was a reason to rejoice for the congregation of Piedmont’s largest church.

via » Congregation rallies around pastor as he recovers.

Additionally, according to the church’s update page (which is being updated very regularly)  it appears that his broken bones will not require surgery:

Dad had an uneventful night. Mom and I have talked to him this morning, and he is still forgetting what happened pretty quickly after we tell him. The ortho doctor does not think Dad will need surgery for his broken neck, ankle, or back. We are so thankful for this news, especially considering that he was literally hit by a truck. Love you guys! Please keep praying!

via Prayers For Our Pastor.

Mr. Johnson’s injuries seem to have been much less severe in comparison.  He was treated for a bad case of road rash including the removal of some embedded gravel and was released from the hospital on Monday.

Police Investigation Continues

Several people have written expressing dismay that the driver was not ticked at the scene.  From what I have been able to ascertain, this is quite common in cases involving serious injury.  If a citation was issued and the fine paid by the driver and then later greater negligence was discovered, it is possible that the driver could not be charged due to double jeopardy.  However, the police are continuing to investigate the accident and the results will be turned over to the district attorney who will decide what charges may be filed:

Police are attempting to recreate the accident based on eyewitness accounts, photographs from the scene and evidence, which included pieces of a bike helmet that were found as far as 50 feet away from the point of impact.

According to a Piedmont officer, no charges have been filed at this time and the results of the investigation will be turned over to the district attorney’s office.

via » Investigation continues as pastor remains in ‘serious’ condition.

Cyclist Organizes Awareness Ride

Ric Corman, a Piedmont cyclist, has organized an awareness ride for Monday, March 12th from 5:30 to 8:30 PM.  A large number of area bicycle clubs and shops will be participating in the ride and riders of all stripes are encouraged to join in to bring awareness of cyclists on metro roads.  Full details on the ride can be found at the event’s Facebook page.

Additional Story Links

Since this story first broke, numerous media outlets have published additional information on the case:


Church Pastor and Staff Member Injured in Crash

Gary Caldwell, senior pastor for the First Baptist Church of Piedmont and church staff member, Eric Johnson, were struck from behind by a Ford F-150 pickup while cycling near 150th Street and Piedmont Road today around 12:45 PM.  As of this afternoon, Mr. Caldwell is listed as being in serious condition and Mr. Johnson was listed as being in good condition.

Police are investigating the case but the driver was not ticked at the scene.  Police say they will turn over their investigation results to the District Attorney for review.

Below is a video report for Piedmont Today:

Additional information can be found in the following stories:

OKC Police Seek Driver in Hit-and-Run Involving Cyclist

News 9 is reporting that police are seeking the driver of a car who struck a cyclist on Monday morning near 31st and Military. The driver initially stopped and asked the cyclist, Bill Hartman, if he was hurt, but then when Mr. Hartman said, “Yes, I am hurt”, the driver said he was sorry but then fled the scene. The driver was middle-aged, wore glasses and had light brown hair. The vehicle is described as a small, gold colored beat-up car.  Mr. Hartman thinks it is likely that the driver lives near the accident site (NW 31st and Military).  Employees of The Red Cup coffee house helped Mr. Hartman until medical help could arrive.   Mr. Hartman was left with a badly broken leg.  If you have any information, please contact the Oklahoma City Police at 405-231-2121.

Mr. Hartman doesn’t have insurance so his co-workers have setup a collection fund at Coppermark Bank to help defray the medical costs.  You can leave donations at any local Coppermark Bank location.

Click on the image below to see the full story:


Oklahoma Bicycling Coalition and the Town of Jones Organize Annual Bicycle Ride

The relationship between cyclists and the town of Jones, Oklahoma has traditionally been, at best, a rocky one and at worst, an outright hostile one.  Quiet two lane roads and beautiful, hilly routes have attracted large number of cyclists to the area.  However the poor behavior of some cyclists have caused negative reactions from area law enforcement and businesses against the cycling community.  Thankfully, the situation continues to dramatically improve and thanks to the work of the Oklahoma Bicycling Coalition (OBC), Jones, Oklahoma will now host its own annual cycling event, The Hogback Attack Bike Ride:

OBC is partnering with the town of Jones, in eastern Oklahoma county to put on the First-Ever Hogback Attack Bike Ride in October, 2012. Jones Mayor, Ray Poland, offered to act as liaison between OBC and surrounding jurisdictions and the Jones Board of Trustees passed, by unanimous vote, a resolution to support the event in any way they could.

The ride will be held in conjunction with the Jones Old Timers Celebration held the first Saturday each October that does not conflict with the OU vs. Texas football game. This year that will be Saturday, October 13th since the game is scheduled for the 6th.The ride will offer three routes – A 24 mile fairly flat beginners route, 48 miles of challenging hills, and a very challenging 64 mile course. The 48 and 64 mile routes will take riders through Luther, Harrah, Choctaw, and Spencer before returning to the Start/Finish at the high school in Jones. The area has long been popular with cyclists for the low traffic, good roads, scenic views, and challenging hills.

The partnership between OBC and the town of Jones is seen as another step in the process of improving relationships between cyclists and the citizens of eastern Oklahoma county.

via Oklahoma Bicycling Coalition – Town of Jones Votes Unanimously to Support First-Ever OBC Hogback Attack Bike Ride.

This is really good news and demonstrates the improving situation in the area as both motorists and cyclists learn how to co-exist in some of the best riding country in central Oklahoma.   The full article about the ride gives some background on the Jones’ history with the cycling community and is well worth a read to see how cycling organizations can really make a difference for both cyclists and motorists alike.

OKC Bike Share Gets a Name, "Spokies"

Bike sharing programs are the rage around the world and across the nation (the photo above is of the DC bike share program, Capital Bikeshare).  Oklahoma City first announced the program back in August and additional details were announced yesterday at the Oklahoma City Council meeting.  According to NewsOK, the program has been given an official name of “Spokies” and will consist of 95 bicycles (up from 90) placed at six stations in the downtown Oklahoma City area.  The money for the bikes and stations is coming from a federal grant.

While the locations haven’t been fixed, NewsOK is giving some initial indications of how the stations will be scattered:

The kiosks will have locking bike stands attached. The locations aren’t firm, but the idea is to have them within easy cycling of the Oklahoma City National Memorial, Bricktown, Midtown, Chesapeake Energy Arena and the adjacent Cox Convention Center, Deep Deuce, City Hall and the Civic Center Music Hall.

via Oklahoma City to launch shared-bike program downtown |

I’m still particularly pleased to see that the primary purpose of the program is to provide transportation instead of pure recreation which has been my criticism of Tulsa’s program, The Tulsa Townies.