OSU Cyclists Upset at Bike Lane Removal

OSU cyclists are upset that the university has removed all bike lanes on campus:

Cyclists on campus are hoping to find a solution to the now non-existent bike lanes.

Oklahoma State University recently removed all bike lanes on campus in hopes of creating a more shared campus, according to an article in the O’Colly on Sept. 26.

Trevor Steward, president of the Oklahoma State University Cycling Club and off-campus SGA senator, said he plans to meet with a group of university faculty and staff later today to discuss some concerns that the OSU cycling community has about the removal. The meeting will include Lee Bird, OSU vice president for student affairs, university architect Nigel Jones, Mike Buchert, director of Long Range Facilities Planning, and others.

The OSU Cycling Club was never notified or contacted for consultation concerning the removal of the bike lanes, Steward said.

“This is (the students’) university,” he said. “We should have a say in how this campus is run and looks.”

(via OSU Cycling Club looks to solve bicycle lane issues – ocolly.com : Osu)

More disturbing, apparently the University is encouraging the very dangerous practice of riding on sidewalks:

The O’Colly article encouraged cyclists to ride on sidewalks and outlined campus plans for shared sidewalks instead of bike lanes.

Riding on sidewalks is very dangerous because of obstacles like pedestrians, driveways and crossroads, Bruer said.

“It is just as dangerous, if not more, than riding on the road,” he said. “Most cycling communities have realized that it is dangerous to ride on sidewalks.”

Bruer also noted that the University of California-Berkley is advising OSU on adopting a campus without bike lanes.

“UC Berkley is not a recognized bike-friendly campus,” he said. “We are getting our advice from a campus that is not considered bike-friendly.”

(via OSU Cycling Club looks to solve bicycle lane issues – ocolly.com : Osu)


ODOT Seeks Community Input on Yukon Highway Widening

On this Thursday (3/15/2012), the Oklahoma Department of Transportation will be seeking community input on their plans to widen Highway 4 north of Yukon out to Northwest Expressway.  From the emails I’ve seen going around on the subject, the new road will be four lanes wide with 8 foot shoulders. Cyclists are encouraged to attend this meeting to encourage ODOT to paint a cycle path along with wide shoulder.

The meeting will take place at 6:00 PM at the Yukon Police Community Room at 100 S. Ranchwood Blvd in Yukon.  Wear a jersey and help make this popular cycling area even better!

New Tulsa I-244 Bridge to Handle Cyclist Traffic

In what I believe is a first for the state, the new I-244 bridge across the Arkansas River will allow for not only car traffic, but also bicycle and pedestrian traffic as well as future rail lines:

According to ODOT the replacement bridge will be “multi-modal”; incorporating a new section of the westbound highway, two dedicated future rail lines and an area for bicycle/pedestrian traffic into a double-decker style bridge.

via ODOT Lands Federal Money To Rebuild Tulsa’s I-244 Bridge – NewsOn6.com – Tulsa, OK – News, Weather, Video and Sports – KOTV.com |.

Those that have ridden in places like New York City will be very familar with the concept, and while this is our first instance of such a bridge, it’s nice to see ODOT planning for multiple uses of their bridges.  Below is an artist’s rendering of the bridge:

The bridge will cost approximately $80 million with $50 of the funding coming from federal stimulus dollars.  You can read the full press release here.