Oklahoma Freewheel 2013 Route Announced

The Oklahoma Freewheel has announced their 2013 route with a return to eastern Oklahoma after a couple of years further west.  This year will start in Idabel and finish in Joplin, MO after crossing some scenic and a bit hilly terrain.  Total mileage is between 458-509 miles depending on the optional routes.

Route Breakdown

Day 0, June 8: Idabel-TX Border      41 miles

Day 1, June 9: Idabel-Antlers              68 miles

Day 2, June 10: Antlers-Talihina        62 OR 73 miles

Day 3, June 11: Talihina-Warner       68 miles

Day 4, June 12: Warner-Tahlequah  58 miles

Day 5, June 13: Tahlequah-Pryor      60 OR 100 miles

Day 6, June 14: Pryor-Miami                64 miles

Day 7, June 15: Miami-Joplin, MO   37 miles


As mentioned earlier, Adult registration starts at $295 and $195 for youth 6-24.  Registration is available now at http://www.okfreewheel.info/wps/2013-2/registration/.

Oklahoma Freewheel Announces Price Increase, Route Announcement Tomorrow

The Oklahoma Freewheel has announced the registration fees for this year’s ride which will start at $295 for an adult (from $175 last year) and $195 for riders under 24 (up from $100 for riders under 15 last year).  They list the benefits for the price increases as follows:

One of our first steps is to make FreeWheel THE premier bicycle tour in the country. The better our event and the more people we can bring to our host communities, the more everyone wins. A key way to do this is through awarding grants to our host communities to make their towns more bicycle friendly so they can continue to attract cyclists long after our ride in June is over.
Based on your feedback we are also making some big improvements to FreeWheel 2013. Here are some of the changes you will see:

  • Upgraded shower truck.
  • T-shirt included in registration fees for all week and half week riders.
  • Youth designation (and price) expanded to include young adults up to age 24.
  • Option of registering for and riding in a single stage.
  • “Teams” composed of groups of 5 or more may register for a full week at a discounted price.
  • An on-line only registration process for your convenience. Registration will be online ONLY, but there will be no additional credit card processing fees.
  • FreeWheel “scholarships” to be awarded to up to 5 lucky participants.
  • A new and improved website (to be unveiled at the route announcement).
  • More and better signage.
  • Helpers to load luggage onto the semi-truck in the morning.

The Oklahoma Freewheel route announcement will be tomorrow at 6:30 PM at Joe Mamma’s Pizza in Tulsa.

Oklahoma Freewheel 2012 Route Announced

Tonight in Tulsa, this year’s Oklahoma Freewheel route was announced and what an exciting route it looks like it will be.  The route will start in the southwest quadrant of the state, and finish in the Northeast quadrant just across the border in Kansas.  The ride will take place on June 9th through the 16th.  Mileage pretty consistent but there are some long days, plus there are two bonus rides including a century ride and a ride to the top of Mount Scott.

The map below is only an approximate route.  You can see maps of the daily routes at the Freewheel website.

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Route Breakdown

Day 0: Frederick to Red River and back. 36 miles.

Day 1: Frederick to Elgin. 75 miles.  There is a 6 mile option to ride the 1,000 foot climb to the top of Mount Scott (elevation 2,464)

Day 2: Elgin to Anadarko. 61 miles.

Day 3: Anadarko to Watonga. 72 miles. There will be a century option for this day.

Day 4: Watonga to Guthrie. 71 miles.

Day 5: Guthrie to Drumright. 55 miles.  Speedwheel will happen in Drumright this year.

Day 6: Drumright to Ponca City. 79 miles.

Day 7: Ponca City to South Haven, KS. 36 miles.

There are a couple of important announcements.  First, accident insurance will be available for the first time. Secondly, and maybe more important, the shower truck will be setup on Saturday. :)

The full week cost will be $175 for adults, $100 for children (6-18).   Registration will be available within two weeks.

Full details available at the Freewheel website.

Oklahoma FreeWheel Appoints New Director

After being FreeWheel Director for six years, Ellen Proctor has stepped down and Joy Hancock has been appointed as the new Director:

The Board of the annual cross-state bicycle tour, Oklahoma FreeWheel, is proud to announce that Joy Hancock has been appointed Director, starting October 2011.

Joy, 31, brings a history of event and volunteer management and is an avid cyclist, having competed in a number of triathlon and cycling events, including FreeWheel in 2008 and 2009. Her involvement in Freewheel has gone beyond just riding – she has also given talks at FreeWheel seminars on how to train for this cross-state bicycle tour.

Hancock, reflecting upon the new position, said ‘I’m delighted to be the new Director of FreeWheel. I hope to build on the great organization that former director Ellen Proctor has helped establish, and work to make FreeWheel the best event that it can be, both for the communities we visit and for the participants.”

Additionally, Ellen Proctor, Lee Griffin, Laurie Daugherty, and Amy Shackelford will join Tom Brown, Ross Snider, and Barbara and Don Pike on the FreeWheel Board of Directors. This group of dedicated volunteers hopes to continue to improve on the great success of this ride, as they give hundreds of hours of time to helping FreeWheel be the best it can be.

FreeWheel, the nation’s second longest-running cross-state tour, traverses a different area of the state each year. It generally follows a south to north route to take advantage of the prevailing winds, and is not a race. The ride is limited to 1000 participants, who stay in host communities along the route. Part of the entry fee goes back to the communities which host the riders.

2012 will mark the 34th edition of Oklahoma’s premier bicycle touring event.

via Oklahoma FreeWheel Cross State Bicycle Tour.

Freewheel 2011 Route Announced

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The route for the 32nd Oklahoma Freewheel has been announced and will go through the East Central part of the state this year, which will mean some longer legs but probably a few less hills than last year.  The itinerary is as follows:

  • Day 0, 6/11 – 40 Miles, Durant to Red River and back
  • Day 1, 6/12 – 66 Miles, Durant to Coalgate
  • Day 2, 6/13 – 60 Miles, Colgate to Wewoka
  • Day 3, 6/14 – 75 miles, Wewoka to Checotah
  • Day 4, 6/15 – 74 miles, Checotah to Bristow
  • Day 5, 6/16 – 85 miles, Bristow to Pawnee
  • Day 6, 6/17 – 52 miles, Pawnee to Tonkawa
  • Day 7, 6/18 – 40 miles, Tonkawa to Caldwell, KS

The cost for this year’s ride has not yet been announced, but will be available in mid-February when early registration begins.

Personally, I can’t wait.  My plan for this year is to attempt to ride it self-contained.  Anyone else planning on taking the ride?

Note: Please note that the map above doesn’t represent the exact riding route, but just the stops the trip will take.

Accident Victim Recovers to Ride Again

Yeah, it’s another accident story, but this one has a happy ending.  This is a nice story about Russell Hinckley who was injured last year but has made a nice recovery and was able to ride Freewheel this year:

An Edmond man injured in a car-bicycle accident near Lake Hefner last year was back on the road again in a weeklong bicycle ride across the state in June.

via Edmond man recovers from car-bicycle accident to ride across the state | NewsOK.com.

Freewheel 2010 Gallery

So after a break of 16 years, I hopped on the bike and headed out on Freewheel, Oklahoma’s cross state bicycle tour.  I probably should have trained some for the ride because the first several days took a lot out of me and for the first time I came short by 30 miles one day.  However, the ride was beautiful and by the end I was feeling top notch.  I didn’t shoot much, but below are some pictures from the trip . . .

2009 Freewheel Route Announced

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The route for Freewheel crosses the western side of the state this year.  The itinerary is as follows:

  • Saturday, June 6th -  Duncan
  • Sunday, June 7th – Anadarko
  • Monday, June 8th – Cordell
  • Tuesday, June 9th – Cheyenne
  • Wednesday, June 10th – Thomas
  • Thursday, June 11th – Fairview
  • Friday, June 12th – Alva
  • Saturday, June 13th – Kiowa, KS

Registration begins the second week of February and will be $110 for the full week.  I can’t wait for June to get here!

Please note that the map above doesn’t represent the exact riding route, but just the stops the trip will take.