Day 21 (6/23/2012): The Final Ride, Tour de Cure (62 Miles)

So after a weeks worth of rest, I felt more than ready to tackle the last ride of this Oklahoma trek by riding in this year’s Tour de Cure. It was great feeling of accomplishment to see this fundraising effort coming to an end. It was also great to see a bunch of the other Freewheel riders back from their rest and ready to go, like Sharon who completed her first Freewheel this year and is already ready for more:

Sharon the Machine!

The ride was a great one and while a bit challenging, it wasn’t really too tough after the mileage of the previous two weeks. I was finished by noon and with a 14 mph average on a touring bike (with all the racks still attached), I was happy with the pace.

And the trek is at an end.

In reflection, this whole trek overall has been a wonderful success and a fantastic adventure. The only failure is that I didn’t quite make it to my 800 mile goal due to that missed day early on in the ride. However, in the last three weeks, I rode 794 miles which I have to say is close enough! :) However, in raising money for the ADA, all of you made the goal and then some. Together we raised $1525 for this great cause. My thanks go out to all of you for your generous contributions! Now I’m going to take a little break, whew!

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Day 14 (6/16/2012): Ponca City to South Haven, Kansas (37 Miles)

The last day started off beautifully. The weather was predicted to be clear with a strong south tailwind with storms moving in for the afternoon but long after I would have gotten into South Haven. With Grace being so kind as to pack up camp, I was out on the road by 6:30 and was setting a good pace. However, it wasn’t long into the morning until it quickly became clear that the weather people had gotten their timing wrong.

Stormy Skies

With darkness like that coming at you, you certainly can feel an urge to hunker down. However, there wasn’t much lightning with this storm and most of it seemed to be staying to the South and so I decided to press on. I can say I certainly doubted my decision when I looked back after the front had passed over and this was my view:

Darkness Overhead

However, while it certainly did rain and fiercely, it really wasn’t too bad and I was glad to keep going and stay warm while making progress. After about a half-and-hour the rain died down a bit and soon after than the wind switched back to the South and I started making great time again. Before I knew it, I was at the Kansas border ready for the obligatory state sign shot.

Kansas Border

Of course, not everything could go that smoothly. Just a mile or so further down the road and within sight of the water tower at South Haven I got a flat on my front wheel. But after hunting down the little piece of wire that made it through my tire, I was soon back on the road and to the finish line in no time.

Freewheel Finish

After a hot shower and a thorough exploration of the pastries on offer by the good people of South Haven, I was refreshed and happy.

Freewheel Feeding

Grace and I sat comfortably until Moni arrived, who we had offered a ride back to OKC. Soon enough we were on our way and while I would miss the joy of being out on the road, I was thrilled at the prospect of some time back home and with Grace. Till next year . . .

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Day 13 (6/15/2012): Drumright to Ponca City (78 Miles)


Today was a pretty day of rolling hills, trees and fields and river roads. However, it was also the longest ride of the trip and it was a hot day to boot, so it certainly wasn’t an easy day. Realizing that the main part of my journey was coming to an end, I rode with a certain amount of vigor and confidence. Therefore, I was relieved when Dennis’ rest stop appeared as the last stop before the destination.

Dennis' Rest Stop

Dennis is sort of a Freewheel legend. He rode Freewheel frequently in the past when he wasn’t doing long treks to Alaska. These days he follows us along the route with his remarkable reststop caravan which carries everything cycle tourists could possibly want including shade, restrooms, oatmeal cookies and all the ice cold water and gatoraid you could drink. He always holds the last stop on the way into town and it is always a relief to see his stop in the distance.

I made my way into town and was searching for a nice camp spot when Grace spotted me and took me to the already partially assembled camp site, now that’s a treat. After a shower, we headed off to get the end-of-the-trail meal. We spent the rest of the evening sitting in the shade, watching the world go by and listening to the bluegrass concert going on in the park. A perfect last evening for Freewheel.

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Day 12 (6/14/2012): Guthrie to Drumright (55 Miles)

My decked outbicycle for Flag Day.

Today was Flag Day so it was only appropriate that I deck out the bicycle as much as possible. However, today was also the day of Freewheel that I had kind of been dreading all along, and like most things that we dread, it wasn’t nearly as bad as I had thought. However, the ride certainly was hilly and hard, evidenced by my lack of photos for the day. However, they were mostly rollers which really aren’t that bad once you get your rhythm setup properly.

Soaking up the AC at the public library and catching the kids show.

I actually got into Drumright much earlier than expected and had some time during the the heat of the day. The good people of Watonga had turned the small public library on main street into a Freewheel support center with cold water, wonderful A/C and free wifi. It was an offer I couldn’t possibly refuse. However, they also still held the kids story session with a fabulous local story teller, clown and balloon art master. Being that this was a Freewheel event, it quickly became a full participatory event with a rider being roped into singing some great kids songs while wearing improbable head gear. Even I, as a bearded weirdo, got pulled into the act:

I got sucked into the act.

I eventually left the comfort of the library in search of food and ended up at a local Lebanese steakhouse where I dined with a Tulsa English professor and cycling advocate who caught me up on the world of cycle advocacy and politics.

With an enormous amount of food in my belly, I got to bed early and while we got hit with a really heavy thunderstorm at about 3:00 AM, I was able to sleep well through the night.

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Day 11 (6/13/2012): Watonga to Guthrie (74 Miles)


If I had to choose one word to describe today’s ride, it would definitely be flat. However, with a crosswind, it still wasn’t exactly an easy ride. However I still really enjoyed it and it was without any mechanical difficulties. The high point of the ride was the spontaneous creation of an 30 person paceline made up of mostly Oklahoma Bicycle Society members. I don’t ride in pacelines very often, but when I can find one I can keep up with, I will certainly join in. We kept up a good pace for about 10 miles and while it certainly took a bunch of energy out of me, I had a blast doing it.

Always a bit disconcerting to come across a cemetery with your name on it.

The other interesting discovery was a family plot in the middle of nowhere that I knew nothing about. The Lorenz name isn’t exactly an uncommon one, but if I come across it in Oklahoma it usually means I’ve found a relative. (My mother would later confirm my suspicions) However, it is a little ominious to find your name on the gates of a cemetary while doing a long physical trek. ;)

Field of Flowers

Guthrie provided us a nice flat park with lots of shade to setup camp in which was great after several nights of setting up in the sun. Grace drove up from the city for dinner and I loaded up on pasta, AC and wonderful company. I made sure to get to bed at a decent hour knowing that tomorrow I faced hills, hills and more hills.

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Day 10 (6/12/2012): Anadarko to Watonga (72 Miles)

Today was the perfect day for everything to go wrong. Traditionally, the third day of Freewheel is Crazy Day where riders don the silliest costumes they can, if you don’t consider our normal spandex wear as silly. :) After two years of failed costume attempts, I had high hopes for this year. I was planning to cover my bike with pinwheels and go as an out of work wind farm with a cardboard sign reading, “Will generate for food.” Unfortunately, my pinwheels hadn’t survived the first two days well and I barely made it out of towns before one-by-one the heads of the pinwheels started flying off and I just didn’t think I had the time to perform the necessary repairs.

Ranch Sign

However, the ride started off nice traveling through more pretty western ranch land. And as I got close to the half way part, I felt good and confident about getting in earlier than I expected. However, as I headed into Hinton, I started having problems keeping my bike in my lower gears. Figuring that it was derailleur problem, I started making some adjustments. Thankfully, a bike shop van came along to take a look and were able to make some quick adjustments and I headed on down the road. It seemed fine for about a 1/4 mile, but then started falling out of gear again. I limped into Hinton only to discover that it wasn’t a derailleur problem but that one of my chain links had started to come apart.

While all of this had been going on, storms had started to roll in and so I decided to eat some lunch before dealing with the situation. However, I knew I was eventually going to deal with it and I knew my options were limited. I had, for some reason, left my extra links and pins in one of my bags that I sent back with Grace. Kurt and Mary McDaniel (check out their awesome, ongoing cross-country journey at happened to be at the same lunch stop and because they were going completely self-contained, they had a pin I could use but they had a different sized chain so I was out of luck on links. I decided to save the pin and pinch the chain back together and see how far I could get before it came apart.

As I headed out-of-town, the second front on the storm came in and while that meant I was going to ride a bit in the rain, it also gave me an incredible tailwind. So I actually made it about 10 miles on the bad chain before it finally snapped. But following in my alternating good and bad fortune, it snapped right as the rain came to a stop. So I then began the arduous process of removing the bad links and attempting a short chain patch with the always awful chain tools that come with a bicycle mini-tool set. Even with some extra hands it was slow going. But once again, favor smiled upon me with the return of another bicycle van who was able to get me a new chain and sent me on my way.

Now normally, an hour and a half of repairs during a 72 mile ride would make for a tough slog through the heat that would just leave me absolutely slaughtered by the time I got to camp. Thankfully though, the rain and cloud cover had kept the temps in the mid 70’s, perfect riding weather. I caught up with Moni and Jennifer in Geary and decided to finish the ride into Watonga with these two fantastic riders who truly embody the spirit of crazy days.

Crazy Day

We made a leisurely pace for the last 15 miles, making a few stops to leave chalk drawings on the road, as the sun came out for a pretty day of riding. With all of my good and bad fortune, I arrived in camp at 4:30 in the afternoon, but feeling refreshed especially given my tribulations.


Watonga had put us up right in the middle of town, so I set up my tent on one of the vacant lots around downtown and set out in search of more food. I caught a bit of the Freewheel talent show and thought about staying up to watch the Thunder game, but sleep beckoned and I gave into it.

What must these towns think when sights like this start filling up their parks?

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Day 9 (6/11/2012): Elgin to Anadarko (63 Miles)

Today was much shorter and flatter than the previous day, but for some reason it was much more tiring. Maybe it was because it was a route that had been extended from about a 28 mile direct route out to a 63 mile scenic one. For some reason my transportation mind can’t always happily accept the long route. However, it was a nice ride through some rolling hills and some pretty sights.

Truckin '

And for all of my complaining about taking the long route, if I had taken the short cut I would have missed my chance for the silly photo of the day, a real fork in the road:

There is a fork in the road, what should I do?

Spent an uneventful evening in camp reading and eating which was really just what I needed and wanted.

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Day 8 (6/10/2012): Frederick to Elgin (73 Miles)

Up really early to drive back to Frederick one last time before heading back out towards Elgin. It started out nice and flat with a great tailwind, but we all knew that once we got into the Wichita Mountains, things would get tougher. However, the ride in was beautiful with the prairie, wild flowers and the mountains all around.

On the Road

In some ways joining the group for the ride is nice for the company and support, but in some ways I miss the independence I felt out on my own. However, rest stops are always a welcome thing.

Rest Stop

After a pretty ride through the park, I made yet another stop in Medicine Park, where I had stayed for the last two nights, for lunch and a quick dip in the swimming hole.

Hydration is important!

Finished up the ride in good time despite some good hills and a crosswind and felt nice and relaxed when I rolled into Elgin. However, it was nice to get into camp for a nice nap before dinner and sleep.

Ride Details (I forgot to start my computer after leaving Medicine Park)

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Day 7 (6/9/2012): Red River Loop (37 miles)

I slept in a bit this morning and we then headed back to Frederick for the Day Zero Freewheel ride to the Red River and back while Hollis and Grace went out for a little bird bothering. It should have been a piece of cake ride with nothing resembling a hill to be seen, however a stiff headwind made it slow going down to the Red River.

Texas Border

However, the ride back was a fantastic sprint and I got back just in time for some lunch. We then headed back into the Wichita Wildlife Refuge and headed up Mount Scott for some sight-seeing. The drive up made my decision about my participation in the next day’s optional ride up the mountain an easy no, but it was a pretty sight at the top.

Mount Scott

We headed to Meers for some burgers and conversation and then back to the cabin so I could get packed up and sleep one last time in a real bed for the next week.


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Day 6 (6/8/2012): Great Plains State Park to Frederick (27 miles)


I woke up to a beautiful dawn over the lake and enjoyed a great breakfast of oatmeal and tea. I left the camp refreshed for the very short and very flat ride into Frederick. With almost no wind, I covered the distance in a couple of hours and arrived in Frederick before 10 AM. It was obvious that the rumors about the effort Frederick had made in anticipation of Freewheel were true. Various businesses had decorated bicycles and scattered them around town.

Van Gogh has a bike.

I stopped off in the local coffee shop for some more breakfast and got a great welcome from the ladies of town who had dropped in for their weekly chat. Everyone was full of great information and unbelievably welcoming. It was a really great experience.

Frederick Court House

After my snack, I made my way over to the county courthouse where I charged up my batteries and chatted with cyclists as they rode into town. Pretty soon the crew that rides up from San Antonio/Houston arrived with my riding friend Moni and they got the party started. They are a vibrant and occasionally rowdy group so they gave a fair warning to those who might set up camp near them:

Loud Zone

In late afternoon my mother and Grace showed up and it was wonderful to see them. They spirited me off to Medicine Park to a cabin and then to an area restaurant for a nice steak. It felt great to sleep in a real bed after several days without one.

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