My friend Steven Anderson wrote this short, but concise response to this idiotic article. I thought you might enjoy it:

As an American I am tired of here all this anti American press about the war. I was against the war and I am still against it but it looks to me as if some of those people over there are happy we are there. Maybe I am just being brainwashed by the images I see on TV of Iraqi’s kissing the hands of American & British soilders, tearing down pictures and statues of Saddam while looting old Republic Guard stations, and beating uniformed soilder they beleive to be Fedienni (sp?) but I’m thinking we have had enough bad press about this war

The French, Germans and Russians were all against military action. Does it have anything to do with the fact that both the French and Russians were selling them weapons in January of this year? Who knows?

And as far as the civilian casualties go, I have every confidence that we (US and UK) are doing everything we can to limit the number of innocent people killed. I mean its a WAR so people will die, but the Iraqi’s didn’t seem to care about that as they bought GPS jammers from the Russians for installation around Bagdad!

To all those people out there who don’t agree, its too bad cause its too late, the US and UK have landed and are kicking ass and taking names at this point. Even if some 18 year old Private doesn’t completely understand why he’s over there fighting, he does know he’s going to jail or worse someone else may die if he doesn’t follow orders so give him a break

Enough of the bad press and editorials, report the facts. Support the troops not the mission and stop naysaying from the sidelines and do something…