Well it’s that time of year that the Government comes by and sticks a large gun to our heads and says, “Pay up what we tell you or you’ll find your brain stem all over the proverbial brick wall”. Well this year I’m once again proposing a real flat tax, the Privilege of Living in the United States tax. When I go to buy a television, I do not pay five times the amount that someone else does based on my income, so why shouldn’t the same model apply to taxation. So, I went and took a look at the 2004 budget and the total expenditures were $2,011 trillion dollars, Social Security and all. Then I went and took a look at the United States Census estimates and they say that there are approximately 280,306 million people in this country. I then divided the budget by the population and came up with a bill for each citizen of $7174.30. Sounds pretty fair to me. If it’s too much then I guess it really is time to make some spending cuts, but the punishing the successful for the fact of their success must stop in the name of Justice.

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