Well once again I come to explain the complete lack of posting to the site. Once again, it has been really busy in my life, but that’s not the entire truth of it. I’ve been giving some thoughts to blogging. So far this blog has been a rather reactive communication form. I hear something that gets my blood a boil and I respond with vitriol and venom. While temporarily satisfying, when I go back to re-read these diatribes I find them to be aggravatingly unsatisfying. Therefore, I’m going to redefine this blog to be something much more personal and hopefully thoughtful. It is very easy for someone to say what they are against. It is much more strenuous and difficult to state what a man stands for and believes to be true. So at least on the politics/philosophy front, I’m going to use the blog to do some thinking about truth instead of lies.

Also, my life has taken some interesting turns as well. I have received another promotion at my company. I’m now the IT manager for the company. Well, needless to say this is a brand new change in my life, so some of the blog will be focused on some hopefully funny Dilbert style stories about a geek turned suit. I’m also going to start posting some personal, journal style issues just because they might peak some writing ideas. This may bore you to tears, but hey, most blogs are designed to do just that. ;)

However, for all those who are a big fan of my vicious political commentary, worry not, it’s still going to be available. I’ve just released a set of forums for the site. Here’s where I’ll put my commentary on news. I hope that this will also be conducive for some conversation. Please take a look and post a message.

So blog posting may not be as frequent as when the site first started, but hopefully it’ll be more fulfilling for everyone.