OK, back in business. I’m finally starting to get into this whole management swing of things. It really is a great challenge and I hope I can live up to it.. I think the hardest part of the job so far is finally getting to the realization that I will no longer write much, if any, code. But hey, I’ve got this site for that. Really, I was feeling rather reticent when I first took the job, but I think this will be a position I might enjoy despite my loss of geekness. However, I never was a very good geek anyway, just ask anyone I worked with. ;)

Anyway, we’ve finally gotten our software team filled up again including my dear friend and designer of this site, Andy Sheppard. It’ll be great to work with him plus my liver hasn’t been getting the needed workout lately.

Outside of work, there isn’t much to report. The only real piece of news is that I have my first photography gig in along time. I’ve been given the great honor of shooting my friend Dylan’s wedding. He’s even given me free reign to decide on style. God help the poor couple.

Well more news as it happens.