Another Year Gone By

Well, yesterday was my birthday and I certainly feel much older but that might just be the hangover. Overall, it’s been a good year though filled with many challenges. This was my first full year in Oklahoma after fleeing from Chicago with debtors chasing me all the way. Initially I thought that Oklahoma would not be a place for me to live happily, but really the old line about “anywhere you lay your hat is home” holds true. I have gotten the chance to reconnect with many old friends and to develop a full life, at least by my standards.

I have also had a large career change this year. I now spend my days working on paperwork and attending meetings. Initially I thought there was something inherintly uninteresting in such work, but more and more, I think I might very well be suited to it. I’m pretty good with technology but I’m certainly no genius. However, I think that I am good at seeing how technology can be used for business and my position gives me a wonderful opportunity to test this theory.

Finally, I have had a change in focus in my life. I am, though not entirely sucessfully, trying to truely live my life on my own terms. I have always considered myself and individualist, but to consider yourself one and to be one are two entirely different things. I am truely trying to start living my life concerned my own choices and not worrying about other people’s poor ones (ie. politicians, etc.)

Well, I’m not going to list a whole laundry list of resolutions that I will ultimately fail at. Instead here’s to another great year on Earth, the only real place to be. Now I must be off. I’ve gotta get ready for tonights Johnny Cash memorial Irish Wake some friends are throwing. More soon . . .

[Listening to: Tennessee Waltz - Norah Jones - House Of Blues-Chicago 4.16.02 (05:14)]