A long day . . .

Well, the Johnny Cash memorial was a blast and by blast I mean I didn’t get home till six in the morning. Good times had by all.

Consequently, I slept until noon when I was awakened and quickly summoned to the State Fair. I have to say that I was more than a little disappointed. I remember the fair from my childhood as a dark and seedy place where things were slightly surreal and very spooky. I remember strange and melodic banter of the carnies mixed with a universe of smells (not all pleasant). Now the carnies are basically employees of some arcade corporation. Some of the old style guys are there, but most are young hawkers who lack the shady look of the old days.

However, it really wasn’t all that bad. The real purpose of the journey was to attend the PRCA Championship Rodeo which would be my first. The rodeo is a strange sport. It’s really like ice skating for the NASCAR crowd. Most of the events involved complicated judging with incomprehensible scores. However, the horsemanship and roping skills were something to behold. I don’t think I’ll need another one, but it was sure worth while.

Well I’m off again, a friend’s band is playing tonight and I gotta get prepared. After this long weekend, I’m going to need a vacation. ;)

[Listening to: Big Shot - Billy Joel - Greatest Hits Vol. II 1978-1985 (03:43)]