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I know it’s been awhile since I posted on of these. I think I just needed an absolutely dreadful movie to get my dander up enough to write one. Well, Tomb Raider certainly lived up to that classification.

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  1. Clearly you’ve failed to consider predecessor Hollywood action heroine movies. Watch “Barbarian Queen” or “Red Sonja” for an appreciation of the progress being made. Or watch “Wing Chun” to appreciate how slow it is compared to Hong Kong!

  2. Now I’ve only seen two of the films you mentioned, but those films fall into a different sub-genre than Tomb Raider. They have a certain campy charm that makes them great fun. Those films never attempt to take themselves seriously, they are like the Baywatch episode, completely silly and tastless. Tomb Raider on they other hand, was attempting to take it self very seriously with the introduction of serious plot conflicts regarding her father and former lover. Either be a serious action film (Blade Runner or in the female vane, La Femme Nikita) or be campy. If you do both, it just comes out flat.

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