I'm back . . .

It is rare that I am filled with the courage to post a retraction to one of my passionate statements. I know that this one will provide a great amount of hay for many of my readers; my friends Steve and Jim especially. However, to put it succinctly, I was overreaching in my ban on talk of politics. I’ve missed my ability to post. There have been real issues I would have liked to comment on that I have been unable to due to my self imposed ban.

I still am convinced that my previous postings were in essence not only foolhardy but beneath me as a man. They were in essence an acceptance of politics as a game (an idea most abhorrent) and they represented my willingness to play that game. Politics, as in that which happens in Washington is not a game but is the action of men to obtain power and I will not dignify their behavior by pretending to speak to them as legitimate beings. Secondarily, those actions of men in politics is so obvious that for me to even comment would be to state the obvious and I do that often enough already.

However, there are items in the political realm that do still interest me. These are the questions of ethics, morality and behavior that govern our interactions with other people. I am a member of a society and I must decide on which terms I wish to deal with my fellow man. It is on these ideas that I wish to comment. So with that the floodgates are open for all deriding comments. ;)

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