Picture of the Day Delay

Well, there will probably have to be a delay of the picture of the day for awhile. I was going to go and collect new pictures this weekend but then I went and sprained my ankle doing a particularly dangerous Nerf basketball maneuver. Hopefully, by Sunday, I can be back up and running enough to post some images.

[Listening to: Rush Limbaugh – Premiere Radio Networks – (02:05:43)]

5 responses to “Picture of the Day Delay”

  1. Well, the star center Nathan had just made a flying leap blocking James’ patented hook shot. He turned and spotted the oafish Andy blocking the goal but charged away dodging the guard and slamming the ball through the hoop. However, a particularly nasty piece of office furniture committed a technical foul by sticking its nasty leg out and tripping up the valiant center, dropping him like a box of bricks.

    Note: written after a stiff Jameson’s.

  2. A lively account, yet with reasonable grammar and punctuation. Perhaps if you had another stiff Jameson’s, rewrote the account, and repeated the process, we could acquire some important scientific knowledge. I think that would qualify as a double-blind experiment, where the first stage is seeing double, followed by total blindness…

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