Jello Brain

Well my brain has the consistancy of jello. I’ve spent the whole weekend caught in a whirlwind of architecture and code. I have a project that needs to be well underway before I head out on vacation this week and in a non-manager style pledged to do my bit. This involved me writing some actually tough code that took me back in time so to speak.

I had recently been commenting to a collegue that it has been a long time since I used any of that knowledge that was so stridently fought for during my undergrad years. Outside of the very rare recursive function most have that knowledge has retreated to the far regions of memory. However, tonight I got to write a slightly modified version of quicksort that orders a set of keys from a hash table based upon their respective values. I have to say that there was some high elation that sprung forth as I dredged this knowledge from my unconsciousness. Kind of nice to know that I actually learned something in college and that it occasionally applies to a suit like me.

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