Train Travelogue Continued

There isn’t really going to be too much to this travelogue on board a train thing as far as I can see, but I’m writing them anyway. We continued on into East Texas as the sun slowly begins to set. As much as I’m enjoying train travel, I should advise those looking for beautiful scenery and general quaintness to look away when pulling into a town. For some reason, people of means don’t seem to want to live next to the train tracks. However, I have discovered that there is a whole plethora of categories that can be applied to the generalized concept of “junkyard”. Treatise forthcoming . . .

Anyway, I watched the world go by, listened to an audio book and generally wasted away the time. There were some highly amusing sites along the way, but all going by too fast (nearly 80 miles an hour) for a good picture. Well, let’s see there was the “Beer Barn” which was literally an oversized barn that allowed you to pull in to the “barn” where strong attendants would load the beer of your choice into your vehicle and send you on your way in no time flat. The other unusual sight was a miniature horse farm. If they only had miniature cowboys, it would have been perfect.

Had a wonderful dinner (which is the great thing about train food) of New York strip steak, rice, corn and green beans. My dinner companions somehow were all of the “world is a horrible place and getting worse everyday” variety and complained the entire meal about conservative politics, global warming and bad architectural taste. But what did I care; I had wine and red meat. Nothing could get me down.

I had a wonderful bad habit in the crowded but convivial smoking “lounge” and headed off to bed. The rocking motion has already almost put me to sleep, so till tomorrow . . .

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