What a way to travel . . .

Well, if you haven’t already guessed, I’m on vacation. I don’t think I have ever needed it more either. I was feeling about as burnt out as I could for the last couple of weeks and I needed to get away from all that has become routine. I decided to head off to Chicago for a couple of weeks, see old friends and generally forget about work as much as possible. I’m taking the most leisurely form of transportation that I can, the train, which is really quite wonderful. I had a nice roomy coach seat from Oklahoma City to Fort Worth. It was a wonderful journey through the plains, grasslands and the ancient Arbuckle Mountains. Now I’m resting quite comfortably in my small but quite reasonable sleeping quarters.

We just passed the infamous Daley Plaza and got a unique view of the shooting grounds. Now we’re stopping at the Dallas station before heading out west. I’ll post a little more of this rambling travelogue after dinner.

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