A quick update

Well, I just thought I would give you a quick update on the last couple of days. I arrived on the afternoon of the 27th. God, I’d forgotten how much I missed this city. As I climbed off the train, I was struck with a nostalgic smell of exhaust, food and a cacophony of other smells carried on cool crisp air. I climbed on board the Brown Line headed north and was pleased to see that once again the Phoenix was arising from its proverbial ashes. New towers of glass were arising from what were either vacant lots or small structures when I had left. It was like some sort of Randian wet dream. The march of the condo’s continued its inexorable path towards downtown, eating everything in their path. Everyone was holding down on their car horns for no particular reason. People were walking determinedly down the sidewalks avoiding eye contact. And commerce rained supreme. All in all, everything that I loved about this town is still here.

That evening I met up with my old friends Shea and his girlfriend Tresa, the newly engaged Gina and Rob and the ever eccentric Dennis. The celebrating was enthusiastic to the point that I was bowling (albeit extremely poorly) at 3:00 AM. Consequently, the next day was spent mostly recovering and convincing my liver that I still loved it.

However, yesterday I invaded my friends Shea and Tresa apartment for the rest of my extended vacation. Their generosity may have no bounds but I’m going to find out for myself. After an afternoon of general carousing we attended a concert by a local Jam Band called Umphrey’s McGee. While I have some strong reservations about the genre (best saved for a later discussion), they did have some very salty performers; their lead guitar player especially. Plus, there are some acts that just put on a good show, and they filled that bill. A good time had by all.

Today, I’m going to try to go run some Chicago errands like getting my hair cut which is desperately needed. Then I have dinner with another dear friend, Vicki. All is well and just what the doctor ordered. More soon . . .