Happy New Year

Well, it was an interesting last couple of days. Tuesday, I had a spectacular dinner at probably my favorite restaurant on Earth, Rose Angelis. However, my affection for the wonderful food of this establishment is probably somewhat mixed up with the beautiful dinner companions that accompany me there. And that night was no exception. I hadn’t seen or spoken to Vicki in over a year but like all of my dearest friends, it was as if only been a day. I often think that the truest sign of friendship is this strange mystery of prolonged absences that don’t seem so. I think it has something to do with really having a connection of commonality that allows us not to worry that everything has changed since we last met. In any case, we caught up, drank a little too much wine and generally had a good old nostalgic time.

Consequently, I woke up late on the 31st. Yeah, I know, my sleeping late has been a constant part of my trip, but hey I’m on vacation. I spent the day being pretty lazy. Due to travel issues, Andy and Lisa weren’t going to make it for the official New Year moment. I then decided to accompany Shea and entourage to another Humphrey’s McGhee show. Well, I guess the wide open plains have had an affect. I broke out in a serious anxiety attack. There were just too many people and too few doors. So, I bought a bottle of scotch and toasted the new years in the streets of one of the greatest cities in the world. Though alone, it wasn’t a bad way to welcome the New Year.

All I can say about yesterday is, football, football, football. Today, I’m going downtown to have a sub sandwich that I have been missing for years and then off to the Museum of Science and Industry to make my way through the German U-boat there.