On My Way Home

Well, the vacation is over. It has been wonderful and I am feeling livelier than I have in many months. It was wonderful to see my old haunts and good friends in Chicago. I had a wonderful life there and it was nice to take a nostalgic trip. However, I am ready to be back home and I finally have a good idea of where that is. It’s kind of weird, but somehow, even though I have been away for almost two years, I have still considered Chicago my home. I had convinced myself that my life was in some sort of time freeze awaiting my return to the big city. The fact is that my life moved on when I did. Time cannot be stopped by anyone. Even if I pretended to stop time, the world certainly didn’t. Well, I never was a quick study. However, it is nice to know that while Oklahoma may not be my final destination it is at least my current one and it’s not such a bad one at that.

[Listening to: Old Smoothies - Steve Goodman - Affordable Art (04:15)]