Webcams Everywhere

Well, it seems everyone I know has a webcam now. Thought I would publish a list of sites for all of those with a fetish for nerdy twenty-somethings who stare blankly at their screens:

PowTenCam: My friend and colleague Pete’s web cam here in the office.
AndyShepCam: My friend Andy’s web cam from New York.
StoneCam: My friend Dennis’ office camera in Chicago.
And last but not least . . .
RadicalWackoCam: Yours truly

[Listening to: Be Mine – David Gray – A New Day at Midnight (04:24)]

7 responses to “Webcams Everywhere”

  1. Yes…so you to can be witness to the phlegm-filled coughs from the knee-biters, the bleary-eyed King of the Castle, the the weary, over-worked Mother of Two…trust me, it’s better this way, for all involved.

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