We are supposed to consider this as a high culture???

I know it’s been awhile since I posted an anti-French rant, but this one just popped up on my screen and I couldn’t resist. Apparently, there is great debate on the horrible personal destructive influence of advertising. Here are my favorite quotes from the story posted on Yahoo:

“Capitalism needs consumerism to survive. If we get rid of advertising, we get rid of consumerism and that will get rid of capitalism.”

“It’s joy. It’s a real pleasure to finally be able to resist.”

“Advertising is a one-way message that amounts to harassment. We should have the right to refuse it.”

I know we have our fair share of whack jobs in this country, but what really disturbs me about this story comes in the last paragraph:

But in a small victory for the campaigners, the RATP on Monday and for the next 10 days freed up space on 47 billboards in 24 stations for people to write what they like.

They actually gave into these loonies??? I think my friend Andy’s epithet about the French fits more than anyone could possibly like: “Wine guzzling surrender monkeys.” If this is a high culture, let me stay in the caves over here thank you very much.

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2 responses to “We are supposed to consider this as a high culture???”

  1. S’il vous plaît mis me blesser, im un idiot français stupide qui ne sait rien faire sauf le vin de boisson, la reddition à n’importe qui et à n’importe quoi qui m’attaque, et à pompus d’acte et dégradant à n’importe qui qui n’est pas me.

  2. Apparently that translates into:

    “please dont hurt me, im a stupid french idiot that does not know how to do anything except drink wine, surrender to anyone and anything that attacks me, and act pompus and degrading to anyone who is not me.”

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