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I saw the news blurb today Susan Lindauer being picked up and charged with being an Iraqi spy (Full Story) and for some reason her name sounded familiar. I did a Google search and found what I remember, she is also a complete wack job. In 1998 she gave a deposition claiming giant conspiracies surrounding the PanAm 103 bombing including that it was in retribution for our vigorous attempts to slow heroin imports to the US and that we covered it up so that we would have an excuse to invade Iraq the first time around. I’m always so upset when spy’s turn out to be crazy as well. It also makes me wonder if the spy case is more of delusion than truth.

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  1. In Lindauer’s statement in her 1998 deposition concerning the PanAm 103 bombing she said, “I hereby inform the court and all interested parties at the United Nations that I have never accepted any financial compensation from any of the individuals, or governments involved in this case, in any form of cash or non-cash payment.”

    Bet she wishes she could still say that now.

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