Vacation at last . . .

Ah, vacation at last. It’s shocking how much work it takes to go on vacation. I’ve been frantically trying to tie up loose ends during this last week just for preparation for this short junket. Then when I get back, I’ll have a stack of other stuff to go through. Almost makes you wonder if taking these rounds of relaxation is more or less stressful than not taking them. Not really of course, but I do love to complain.

I didn’t get out of the city as early as I was trying to, but early enough. I took I-40 East towards Arkansas. While, interstate driving really isn’t much on the scenery there was enough to keep the eye distracted. What really made the drive worth while was the weather. Storm clouds were overhead almost all afternoon but never started to rain. The air was pungent with the smell of a storm which is one of life’s great pleasures.

I had dinner in a nice little roadside grease stand called the Hungry Traveler. After well filling myself with a chicken fried steak, I headed on down the road. Now for those of you not familiar with the chicken fried steak, I should point out that it’s narcotic effects are very strong and this one particularly so. So, about 30 minutes down the road I started to feel a very strong desire for a nap. It was then that the conspiracy became abundantly obvious. At the next exit, I noticed a large sign advertising the well located Sleepy Traveler Inn! Some sort of marketing genius has been drugging his diners and leading them to his hotels. What a fiendish plot!

I fought through the effects however and made it to Fort Smith for the night. Unfortunately, there is a PGA golf tournament going on tomorrow so hotels are scarce. However, Horst at the Wellesley Inn has put me up quite comfortably for the night. Tomorrow I get off of the Interstate for most of the day and get some good back roads driving. I’ll report more when I can . . .


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  1. Man, the Hungry Traveler is the best roadstop this side of the missisippi I tell ya!! We stop there annually on our deer hunting excursions….great choice!

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