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WARNING! I strongly caution you to think before you download the attached video. I was nauseous after viewing and its effects will be the same for all with a conscience.

I thought about this for a long time before I decided to post this. Below you will find a link that will let you download the complete Nick Berg murder video. The intention of the video by its creators was to terrify the American public into cowardice. However, the minds of thugs and cowards are always misdirected. If anything, I think this video does more to illustrate the evil nature of our enemies. Moreover, this video does the best job possible of putting the recent humiliation of some Iraqi prisoners into context. Someday these men and their ilk may well force men of honor to fight with wholehearted conviction. Woe upon those who cause that conflict for the crying of mothers and children starting on that day will be unending.

Also, to those who wish to portray American military forces as kin to the worst regimes in history, watch this and learn what side you are on and who is really the most brutal and cowardly.

Again, please think strongly before watching this, this is real, unedited and untouched murder.


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  1. Obviously, I agree that this is one of the most disturbing and fucked up things that has happened since the war on terror began, and I very serioulsy hold our fallen brother’s memory dear. With that being said:

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  2. I do not blame you. As I said, think about it long and hard. However, on the other hand, I posted it because I do not think sheltering an undecided public from the nature of these acts was appropriate. This sheltering attitude seems to be seems to be the stand of the traditional media who does not think the American public can handle the truth of war on either side. I disagree which is the reason for this post.

  3. If the CIA were to construct an operation to negate the effects of the prison incidents, they could not have come up with better than this video.

    May every person in America recognize the price of their freedom and do whatever you can to appreciate those who provide it.

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