It's Getting Better All the Time

With all the bad news talk that becomes the norm during an election cycle, and from most politico’s all the time, Ronald Bailey has posted the following good news items on Reason’s web site:

Pollution Down: Toxic chemicals released into the air in the United States are down by 20 percent between 1998 and 2001, according to the latest report of the North American Commission for Environmental Cooperation.

Cancer Down: The National Cancer Institute and the American Cancer Society released a report that finds “overall observed cancer incidence rates dropped 0.5 percent per year from 1991 to 2001, while death rates from all cancers combined dropped 1.1 percent per year from 1993 to 2001.”

The Kids Are All Right: And the Annie Casey Foundation just issued a study that shows that “fewer American babies are dying, kids are less likely to live in poverty and fewer youngsters are dropping out of school than in the mid-1990s.” Since 1996, infant mortality fell from 7.3 to 6.8 for every 1,000 live births; teen deaths due to accident, homicide and suicide fell from 60 to 50 per 100,000; and child poverty fell to an all time low of 16 percent in 2000.

Via Hit & Run

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