I’m Still Here


I know it’s been a really long time. I’ve been in another one of my Nathan reinvention phases. It really comes down to pretending to be an adult. It’s strange, I’ve never felt like an adult but I seem to be attempting to be one. My first step is finished, my first new car has arrived. It’s an unbelievable machine and a blast to drive. It almost makes me feel like a kid. ;) She’s already got 500 miles on her. Looks like the break-in period will be over before you know it.

However, my real big step is my decision to become a homeowner. My parents have decided to build their dream house out in the country. That leaves a cool old 1916 farm house up on the market which I’ve decided to purchase. It’s taken me a long time but I think I’m kind of ready to put down roots. But with a car like Dominique, getting away should be fun too.

Outside of the big announcements, the rest of life is going pretty well. Nothing else exciting to announce, but occasionally the routine can be just as enjoyable as the adventure.

I know I owe some people some reply posts. They should be up soon.

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