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A great Objectivist take on outsourcing that reminds us that those who seek safety are the enemy of those who seek freedom:

A free society requires and rewards individuals who are active-minded, forward-looking, keen to better themselves. A society moving towards state control of the economy requires and rewards individuals who want tranquility, passivity, lethargy. In the debate about the legitimacy of “outsourcing” white-collar jobs to foreign countries, you must decide on which side you stand..

[Via CapMag.com: To Outsource or to Stagnate? ]

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  1. Wow…this is a great article. I have to admit, it has made me re-think my position on this issue. Additionally, I think the theme in the article applies to other areas outside of the “outsourcing” issue such as p2p networks.

  2. outsourcing haters:
    China and India people also pay to buy America’s books, movies.
    What’s your comment about this fact?

    Do you mean Chinese and Indians are fools because they are outsourcing books and movies?

    Or your point is that India pay American is morally right and American pay India is evil?

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    Work more overtime than an offshore coder?
    Or become the smart, tasteful and lazy hacker?

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