Stay Away from The Ayn Rand Institute

Dr. Peikoff, “intellectual heir” to Ayn Rand and head of her institute has declared that he intends to vote for John Kerry for the sole reason that he isn’t a devout Christian. Rand must be turning over in her grave. That her “intellectual heir” would be supporting a candidate who claims that America’s great value is our sacrificing of ourselves for others is almost too much to believe. Now, of course, I wouldn’t support him voting for Bush either, but this is ridiculous. His hatred of religion has forced him to abandon the reason that is central to his philosophy. He has forgotten that the preachers of faith and the preachers of the state are one and the same. A lesson he should certainly revisit. Additionally, he should also remember that there is no compromise between good and evil. There is no middle ground which is yet to be discovered.

I highly recommend that if you wish to explore Objectivism that you read as much Rand as you would like, but stay away from the Ayn Rand Institute. They have abandoned their philosophy for hysteria.

Read the statement and listen to the full lecture here

[Watching: To Kill A Mockingbird – Universal Studios, Inc. – (02:09:28)]

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