Ironic Quote of the Day

I’m sure many of you have already heard the story about several stations pulling tonight’s uncut airing of Saving Private Ryan tonight because they are worried about fines from the FCC. However, I pulled this incredibly ironic quote from one of these stories that I thought I would share with you:

Janice Wise, spokeswoman for the FCC’s enforcement bureau, told Reuters it had received calls from broadcasters asking if the film would run afoul of the agency’s indecency rules. Wise said the commission was barred from making a decision before the broadcast “because that would be censorship.”

“If we get a complaint, we’ll act on it,” she said.

CNN Money: ABC affiliates pulling ‘Private Ryan’

Now I get it . . . If you punish a man for what he says after the fact then it’s not censorship. The first amendment only applies if you stop someone from saying something in the first place. God, man is an irony making animal.

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