RadicalWacko V3.0

Well, the new site is up and for the most part working. I know that I haven’t been updating the site much which is primarily due to an egregious oversight on my part. When I was transferring over to my new laptop, I inadvertently lost all of the source code and custom software for the last version of the site. Besides, the old site had a lot of quirks and was becoming increasingly hard to take care of. So I’ve taken upon myself to design my own site for the first time in a great many years.

I have really paired down this version of the site to its bare necessities. Really, many of the sections on the old website should have been stored in the blog. So I’ve moved all of the old essays and movie reviews over to the blog. I’ve also removed the guestbook which is better served by the comments section on the blog. Finally, I’ve tried to incorporate a design that works in all browsers accurately which the old one was atrociously poor at.

However, I should say that the site is not entirely completed. You won’t see any large number of image galleries showing up because I still have to complete my image resizing and uploading tool. However, it’s a good start.

I want to give thanks to my colleague Jason Zimdars whose website ThinkCage.com filled in many of the gaps in my knowledge of style sheets.

Hope you like the new look. Let me know what you think and come back for some more frequent updates.

3 responses to “RadicalWacko V3.0”

  1. Alright, looks like a good place to burn the midnight oil! I will miss the little bugeyed guy, tho. Just one recommendation – keep playing with the framing brown. I think you’re going for a leather desktop sort of feel. (I also recommend we avoid too much analysis of the current background feel ;)

  2. Thanks. I’ll try to play with the color this weekend. As far as the background goes, it is definitely a work in progress. I’m trying to figure out how to get the top and bottom of the image to blend with each other. However, my Photoshop skills are very limited. Any advice … anyone?

  3. Hey man the easiest way to get the top and bottom of the image to tile propely is to make the top and bottom identical. Basically you take the image that you have, copy it, flip it vertically, attach that new version to the bottom of the original one, and bam they match in the middle, and they match when they tile. let me know if you need me to explain it more(I know my mastery of the written english language is limited.)

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