The Big Catch-up Post

Well, it’s been a long time coming, but here’s the big life update for the Radical Wacko. The rigors of work and my little side project Tom Waits for No Man have kinda left this site high and dry. Well, work is still whooping up on me, but I’ve killed the Tom Waits site so I at least have a few minutes to dedicate to this site. So, what have I been up to???

Since I already mentioned work, I’ll start with that. I got another promotion. I’m now the Director of Information Technology. I have to say that I’ve done pretty well for a young pup of 28. Along with the title comes an immense amount of new work that I must admit has me swamped, but I’ll get the hang of it. However, not all of the responsibilities are bad. While I can’t go into the details, I’ve gotten the chance at the project I’ve been dreaming of my entire professional career; a big project that actually means something to my industry, company and professional standing. Of course it’s of a scope that I’m not sure that I’m ready for, but my career has been made of these kinds of steps. When it all ends, I hope it is an achievement and not a disaster.


My House

I closed on my new house and officially moved in. It’s really nice to know that my housing money isn’t going to waste. My neighbors probably can’t stand me, my lawn isn’t really up to Oklahoma standards (Oklahoma lawn standards being the most strict in the world, even above Texas), but winter has come so they should tolerate me during the next few months. I haven’t really done any decorating, but then again, my parents are living with me while they build their house and they have better taste than me any way. However, I’m planning a house warming party for some close friends which should begin to start to make the place really feel as my own. This isn’t a complaint really; my “roommates” are fabulous cooks and even better company, so I really have it good.


Mini Cooper Rally

Other little events . . I’ve gotten involved in the Oklahoma Mini Cooper Club. I never really considered myself as a car guy, but this one has really got me hooked. I’ve never had a car that is just a pure joy to drive, no matter where you are going. I went on a drive in Northwest Arkansas with the Oklahoma Mini people and I really learned just what my car can do. I don’t know if I was really ready to learn that lesson, but it sure was fun. Taking curves at five times the recommended speed is more than a little exhilarating. While I’m still hanging with the group, their drives may be a bit much for me.

I’ve been trying to keep my dry soul moisturized with a little culture. I’ve been to some wonderful concerts including Norah Jones, Tommy Emanuel and Alfonso Ponticelli playing with an acquaintance of mine, the ever talented Kyle Dillingham. As a little side note, Mr. Ponticelli plays with a Gyspy Jazz ensemble called Swing Gitan in Chicago. For all of my old Windy City friends, this is an act will worth seeing.

I have season tickets to both the musical theatre and opera season at the Tulsa Performing Arts Center. So far this season, I’ve been to see Madama Butterfly and Chicago. Both were great shows. However, it was Madama Butterfly that really blew my mind. For along time Puccini has seriously annoyed me. He seems to have one aria that really has to hold up the rest of the Opera. I’ve even though this specifically of Madama Butterfly. However, this performance really got me hook, line and sinker. There was a certain surreal nature to the performance that made the music really resound in my soul. But I digress . . .


The Radical Wacko Penguin

Lets see, anything else . . . I got invited to my first charity ball by my dear friend Leslie. It was way too much fun. Hell, I haven’t put on a tux in 10 years. Nice to remember that they still make all men look good, though I might be an exception. However, I think I blended in well enough. Though, during the auction there was nothing in my price range so I had to sit quietly in the corner and resist the urge to raise my hand. ;)

I think that’s enough for now. All in all, things are good in RadicalWacko land. I’m gonna be hanging around the site for awhile, so come for a visit when you have the time. I hope all is well with you as well.