Illegal Immigration Endangers Environment

OK, this one was just kinda funny so I though I would pass it along. I was listening to C-Span radio with my new satellite radio at lunch and overheard a rebroadcast of a press conference given by James Sensenbrenner (R-Wis) regarding immigration policy. One of his major points was his desire to see the border fence between California and Mexico completed. Pretty standard stuff overall. However, he makes what I have to consider as the funniest reason to prevent illegal immigration:

“The Maritime Succulent Scrub is more likely to flourish if it is no longer trampled under the feet of hundreds of illegal aliens every night. Let’s make Southern California’s environment safe by completing the fence and restoring the habitat on both sides of it.”

[Via CSpan Radio]

No matter what side you come out on on this issue, this may be the most egregiously funny red herring argument in years. Way to go Mr. Sensenbrenner, you’ve brought congressional debate to a whole new low in terms of logical fallacies.

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