Can’t We Just All Get Along

I was going to write an article to my faithless brethren telling them to quit being so sensitive about Christianity. And I still may very well. I can truly say that I’ve never been offended by another man’s faith. Quite often I’m offended by the actions of men of faith, but their beliefs are their own concern and I’m quite contented to leave it that way. I mean come on, we have to grapple with our mortality without a loving deity to provide us with eternal salvation. I think we’ve got enough on our plate without worrying about what the Christians are up to.

However, Julian Sanchez over at Reason Magazine writes a brilliant editoral telling Christians to lighten up too:

It’s a Christmas tradition as venerable as mistletoe and caroling: As the days grow shorter, conservative activists claiming to speak for American Christendom raise their voices, not for a rousing round of “Good King Wenceslaus,” but to complain that the roughly 75 to 80 percent of Americans who profess allegiance to some denomination or another of Christianity constitute a cruelly oppressed minority.

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