Long Time no Talk

Well, I’ve vanished again. I wish I had some exciting excuse for my absence, but it’s the same old, same old. Working like a dog and being similarly productive. But things are good. We are doing incredible things at work right now and it’s exciting to see it develop.

I have very little to report on the social front. I made my way to Chicago a few weeks back for the bachelor party for my friend Rob. The party was fun and it was good see good friends; nothing too wild or crazy, but certainly a good send off from bachelorhood. However, there was quite an adventure on my way up to Chicago that I thought I would pass along . . .

My hatred of airports and more specifically airport security, I decided to take the long drive up there for a weekend trip. I left on Friday about noon in an attempt to outrun a long line of thunderstorms. However, I left a little too late and spent most of the drive in a fairly steady rainstorm.

I finally got tired around Cuba, Mo. and decided to stop for the evening. They had a standard list of chain hotels right near the highway. I was feeling a little anachronistic and decided instead to check into the Wagon Wheel motel, a cool looking old Route 66 motor court hotel.

There were a few clues that this wasn’t the best choice that I didn’t pick up on. The first was the rate of $18.00 a night. However, the old man running the place was an interesting character so I decided to try the place out. After checking in, the manager gets in a golf cart and leads me around to my bungalow. On the way, I started noticing a lot of old cars some of which were probably not in running order. Clue #2.


The Wagon Wheel Motel

The manager lets me into my room. It’s certainly seen its better days, but I’ve certainly stayed in worse. However, I’m bushed at this point and certainly not interested in looking for other lodging. I unload my luggage and crash almost immediately after falling asleep.

About 2:00 AM, I’m awakened by the sound of someone jiggling my lock. I jump up out of bed. There is a small desk lamp on the bedside table with a descent brass base on it. I yank the lampshade off and wrap the cord around the stand and poise myself in my boxer shorts with my arm pressed up against the door with the lamp cocked high above my head awaiting the onslaught; a sight to behold to be sure.

By this time, he has moved on from just jiggling the lock to attempting to pry the lock with a screw driver. My adrenaline levels are at maximum and I feel lit up like a Christmas tree. Thankfully, before the fight actually started, a couple of vehicles drove by and my attempted intruder left in search of easier pickings.


Needless to say, sleep took a long time to return. I finally got back to sleep about 5:00 and awoke again at 7:00 eager to be on my way. However, on my way out, I took a look at the door. The entire edge of the door had been chipped away by dozens of break-ins to that room. You can see for yourself on the left. Certainly, something worth checking the next time you decide to check into a quaint hotel such as this one. Anyway, moral of the story, if you are going to be anachronistic, be a rich man from the past and avoid the transient hotels. Unless you love a good adventure.

That is my sole exciting story from the last few months, so I will fondly say adieu for now. My major project will not be completed until September, so I probably won’t be able to write much till then, but I’m still here, faithful readers, and will do the best I can.