Vacation At Last

Well, after three years of non-stop work, I’m finally taking a vacation and hitting the open road.  It’s an almost indescribable feeling to be away from the office and to know that I won’t be back for a full two weeks.  I’m taking a very long road trip up to Long Island to a friend’s beach house.  On the way, I’m gonna tour the south, see a couple of Tom Waits shows and see how much one person can unwind.  Right now I’m sitting in the Mini dealership in Memphis waiting for my oil to be changed (it’s a long story).  After this, I’m headed to Graceland to get my musical spirit revved up.  Then it’s off to see Tom Waits at the Orpheum.  Not a bad way to start a vacation.
I think the car is about ready, so I’m gonna sing off.  I’ll try to post some pictures on the way assuming that I can get a cell phone signal.

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  1. A hearty congrats, it’s a great feeling ;-)

    Have fun and while we’ll look forward to your return….we’ll certainly tear the place up while you’re out too ;) haha

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