Weather is Beautiful, Wish You Were Here

DSC_0010_edited-1Well, I’ve been out of cell phone coverage for a few days now and have just been too busy soaking up the rays and enjoying good friends to post, but I’m back on the road now and getting back to business.

Well, I made my rapid trip back to Oklahoma City.  It was a bit surreal to fly into your hometown as a stopping off point instead of as a destination.  In any case, the service was nice and I was glad I was able to make it back.

Then back on a plane to get back to the journey.  The trip back cost me a couple of days so I had to hustle to make it to New York by Friday.  However, I was able to do a great deal of the Blue Ridge Parkway before getting on the interstates for the run to New York.  Unfortunately, I didn’t make it to Monticello on the way up, but the nice thing about a flexible vacation is that I can still make it on the way back.

DSC_0035_edited-1 So, I made my way out to Long Island on Thursday night without much excitement except a slight detour through beautiful Elizabeth, New Jersey.  It was wonderful see some great old friends in such beautiful settings.  The beach house was just gorgeous, the water was warm (well, for the Atlantic that is) and the weather was freakishly nice (mid 70’s for highs).  We woke up late, drank beer early, and ate like royalty (thanks to the culinary genius of Gina)   It was just what I needed after this long period of uninterrupted work.

On Monday, I bade my farewells to everyone and headed back on the road.  Unfortunately, I have seemingly been catching up on several decades’ worth of sleep so I didn’t make it far before having to pull over early.  Then, I slept late so I didn’t make it back into Charlottesville, VA until late this afternoon.  However, I’m off to get a good night sleep before waking up early to see the home of Mr. Jefferson and heading back up to US 50.