Chicago Loses Big Shoulders

What’s going on Chicagoans? Have you lost as sense of manly honor? First you ban a food that no one eats, Foie Gras. But that one made a bit of sense. I’m sure that all waterfowl in the city of Chicago are registered Democrats and you have to look out for your constituents.

But then I find this quote in an article about the name change of Marshall Field’s to Macy’s:

I owe it to the memory of my grandmother,” James, who works at the nearby Art Institute, said of her vow never to shop at Macy’s.

Source: Store’s fans protest name change in Chicago – Yahoo! News

Are you kidding me? The city of the great fire, Al Capone, Dick Butkus and all things slightly seedy and mean has become a whimpering mass of whiners who are really worked up about the name change of a department store. Will someone go down to Macy’s and show them what happens to protestors show up in the Loop?


2 responses to “Chicago Loses Big Shoulders”

  1. c’mon now, this isn’t just any store changing it’s name – this is field’s, a chicago icon! and not only is it changing, but to MACY’S, icon of new york. after all that time in the windy city, you still don’t get the chicago inferiority complex?

  2. Fine, if you want to get upset about it, do as any good Chicagoan would. Form a mob and go burn the place down. But don’t start whining about the memory of your grandmother. ;)

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