Chicago Loses Big Shoulders

What’s going on Chicagoans? Have you lost as sense of manly honor? First you ban a food that no one eats, Foie Gras. But that one made a bit of sense. I’m sure that all waterfowl in the city of Chicago are registered Democrats and you have to look out for your constituents.

But then I find this quote in an article about the name change of Marshall Field’s to Macy’s:

I owe it to the memory of my grandmother," James, who works at the nearby Art Institute, said of her vow never to shop at Macy’s.

Source: Store’s fans protest name change in Chicago - Yahoo! News

Are you kidding me? The city of the great fire, Al Capone, Dick Butkus and all things slightly seedy and mean has become a whimpering mass of whiners who are really worked up about the name change of a department store. Will someone go down to Macy’s and show them what happens to protestors show up in the Loop?