Sports Victories Increase Generator Capacity

I’m an ocasional reader of the Korean Central News Agency of DPRK (KCNA) which is the external propaganda wing of North Korea. It’s a priceless resource for the study of the silliness of political propaganda. One of my favorites recently was an article in which a North Korean woman’s soccer victory was responsible for the increase in the country’s electrical output:

Ri Chol Su, a worker of the Pyongyang Thermal Power Complex, said:
“I was greatly excited to hear the news that our girls won the world championship. This encouraged us to achieve an unprecedented high boost in the electricity production today.

We believe this signal victory represents the spirit of Korea. We workers will step up the building of a great prosperous powerful nation in the same spirit displayed by them”.


Who knew that generators could spin faster if people are excited about a soccer victory? Of course, on a disapointing note, Reuters decided to report on this story as if it was legitimate news.


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