Weekend Construction Update

ScaffoldingWell it’s been a fun weekend spent working on Radical Wacko.  I’ve been wanting to be a bit more active on the site for awhile now, but technology was holding me back.  After a couple of years of tinkering, hacking and patching, the site had become an almost unmaintainable mess.  Even my WordPress installation had started giving me trouble with unexpected plugin errors.  I was scared of making the simplest of updates on the fear that the thing might finally just break down completely.  Additionally, a bunch of legacy code was laying around doing nothing but cluttering up the place.  Therefore, it felt like the perfect opportunity for some real house cleaning.

This design is actually going to take place in a couple of steps.  The first one was to clean out the entire site.  I wanted to simplify the site structure and the technology being used.  The site is now completely powered by WordPress which should make things a lot easier to maintain.  I moved the blog out to the front page and then spent way too many hours going through all 700 posts and cleaning up bad links.  It was a bunch of fun, I can tell you.

The next step will be to design a new theme for the site.  For the time being, I’m using a slightly modified version of the Braille theme which will work pretty good for the time being.  In any case, I’m looking forward to working on the site again.  Let me know what you think . . .