A Good Point About 4-Way Stops

It’s been a slow start to this site.  I’ve been caught up a bit too much at work to really work on it, but I haven’t given up.  Before I can get the local content up, I thought I would pass along some external stuff I find out there in the blogosphere.  I have to say that cycling in Oklahoma City seems much safer and easier than it was before I went to college back in 95.  I think drivers here are finally getting used to seeing cyclists around town.  However, I think there are still some areas for improvement including stop signs.  I wanted to pass on this letter to motorists about 4-way stop signs:

Dear Motorist,

When we both come to a 4-way stop sign, and you get there first, it is not an act of kindness for you to wave me through the intersection. I know that’s what you intend, but it only complicates my situation. You see, as I approach the intersection, I’ve already gone through a number of steps in preparation for stopping. And since I don’t have a gas pedal, there are a number of things I need to do to get going again. It would be much easier if we all just followed the rules of the road. If you stop first, you go first. If I stop first, I go first. No matter how well intentioned, when we bend the rules by giving up our right of way, it is confusing and potentially even dangerous.

Thanks from all of us bike riders, some of whom may be your friends, neighbors, or loved ones.

Via: EcoVelo » Blog Archive » A Message to Motorists #2

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