Schlegel Bicycles to Offer Maintenance Classes

Schlegel Bicycles will be offering both the novice and intermediate versions of their Park School bicycle maintenance classes.  The novice class will be offered on February 17th and the intermediate class will be on February 7th and 14th.  The complete description of the courses are below:

Novice Bicycle Maintenance Class

Students get an overview of many aspects of bicycles maintenance. Tires and tubes, brakes, and gear adjustments are demonstrated, discussed and worked on by the students. The class content is similar to a 90 day check-up on the bike. This is an excellent class for someone with a relatively modern or brand new bike who wishes to learn about maintenance, but can only make a limited time commitment for the class. In the novice class, the emphasis is placed on knowing when there is a problem, and on cleaning the bike. The presentations will often be descriptive. For example, showing what rear cogs are and how they work is part of the class, but demonstrating or practicing their removal are beyond the scope of this class. This is about a three-four hour class. Cost for the novice class is $40.00 per person. This class is typically offered on a monthly basis.

Intermediate Bicycle Maintenance Class

The Class content will be similar to a basic shop tune up. Emphasis will be placed on adjustments, but components will not be pulled completely apart. This class might be an option for someone who has tried some basic repairs. The student should have some familiarity with the topics presented, but may not necessarily have the experience. Participants with limited bike knowledge might consider the novice class before taken the Intermediate course. The Intermediate class is approximately a 6-8 hour course. This course will be broken down into two classes. Cost for the Intermediate class is $90.00 This class is typically held bimonthly.

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