Weekend Lake Trails Slush Report

So, it’s been a long and dull week without the ability for me to ride (darn skinny wheels).  After work, I decided to do an automotive run along the lake bike trails to see how the ice had cleared.  Overall it looks really good which is as I expected.  For those of you who ride out to Overholser to start their rides, I noticed quite a bit of remaining slush at the bottom of the last hill coming into the lake on 16th street.  The trail itself is in fine shape and I didn’t notice any area of standing water that might be frozen up tomorrow morning.  I can however now personally confirm that the old Route 66 bridge is very much closed.  Let’s hope that they can reopen it soon.

The Overholser/Hefner trail seems to equally be in good shape.  However, on the on-street portion of the path on Wilshire between Rockwell and Northwest Expressway, there was a considerable about a slush and standing water.  Be very careful on this portion if you are riding early in the morning.

The Hefner trail is pretty good but there were a few areas, especially near the golf course where I saw standing water on the trail that might get frozen up tonight.  However, overall both the trail and the road route seem very clear.

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