Bicyclist Killed in Accident in Oklahoma City

A cyclist has been killed here in Oklahoma City tonight.  From

About 9:15 p.m., James Smith II, 60, was riding southbound on his bicycle in the outside lane of N Rockwell Avenue near the Northwest Expressway when he made a sharp left turn, Holland said. The minivan was driving behind Smith and its driver could not stop in time or avoid him, and Smith hit the windshield and was then run over.

Bicyclist hit, killed in Oklahoma City |

It is always very sad to hear about such a tragedy.  This acts as a sad reminder that we should all be safe out there especially at night.

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  1. Cyclists in OKC metro HAVE to do something about this. We need to organize and generate publicity about our responsibilities and our RIGHTS on OKC and OK County roads. In my many years of cycling here in OKC I have been threatened, honked at, flipped off, and intentionally swerved at by aggressive drivers, and have had my fair share of drivers who are otherwise oblivious to their surroundings.

    Although I don’t know where to begin, I would love to participate in well-organized cycling advocacy to increase “Share the Road” signage, paint bike lanes, and raise awareness of cycling in and around Oklahoma City.

    AND, we should loudly implore law enforcement personnel to aggressively prosecute acts of aggression toward cyclists and charges for injuries or death from motor vehicle-bicycle collisions.

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