Possible Changes for Bicyclists and Stoplights

Generally, I’m not a big fan of changing laws specifically for bicyclists.  I think the best way to improve the relations with bicyclists and motorists is for us to be viewed as normal vehicles on the road and not as special charity cases.  However, given the number of poorly set sensor lights out there, I’m inclined to agree with this one . . .

Representative Chuck Hoskins has authored House Bill 1795, which would make it legal for motorcycle drivers [and bicyclists] to continue through an intersection even if the light is red. The only requirements would be that the driver come to a complete stop and then make sure it is safe to proceed before going through the light.

Bill lets drivers run red light – KFOR

The bill has already passed the house and is currently languishing in the Senate’s Public Safety and Homeland Security committee which seems a bit grandiose for this bill.

You can read the text of the bill here


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