Reminder of State Bicycling Laws

Not that they make much difference, given the woman who ran me off the road a week ago shouting something about me being on “her” roads, but I’m glad to see these articles reminding people about traffic laws in Oklahoma . . .

With a few exceptions, Oklahoma law gives bicycles as much right to use public roads as cars, on the condition that bikes shouldn’t "impede the normal and reasonable flow of traffic."

Tulsa World: Roads are for bicycles, too



And just to prove my point . . .

A recent incident involving an Edmond bicyclist hit by a car is sure to stir the discussion about sharing the road.

Nate Gomez said he was out for an early morning ride Saturday when someone in a car pulled up behind him and yelled at him for being on the street. Gomez said the driver then swerved into him causing a collision. He wasn’t hurt, but his $5,000 bicycle was damaged and the driver sped away.

Bikers, drivers clash |


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