Tips for Happy Riding

Just came across this great list of tips for a happy cyclist. Here are a few of my favorites, but there are some great gems in there:

Don’t ride in shoes you can’t walk through an antique shop in.

. . .

Never blame your bike or your health or anything else if you’re the last one up the hill or in to the rest stop.

. . .

If you pass another rider going up a hill, say more than “Hi,” but if it’s a woman and you aren’t, don’t assume she wants to chit-chat. Treat her as you’d have a generic guy-rider treat your wife/daughter/girlfriend.

If you’re a woman and it’s a guy, you can chit-chat all you like, they won’t mind.

. . .

Have at least one bike you feel comfortable riding in a downpour.

Ride in weather that keeps other cyclers indoors.

. . .

Learn to ride no-hands and to hop over obstacles, but not simultaneously.

Via: Rivendell Bicycle Works: Tips for Happy Riding

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